LPG System

 An LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) system involves storing, distributing, and utilizing LPG for cooking, heating, and vehicle fueling. It includes storage tanks or cylinders where LPG is stored as a liquid under pressure. Piping systems and regulators transport and control gas pressure, ensuring safe delivery to appliances. Vaporizers may be used to convert liquid LPG to gas in colder conditions.Safety devices like shut-off valves, pressure relief valves, and gas detectors prevent accidents. LPG is burned in stoves, heaters, and engines, producing heat and energy. Applications range from domestic (cooking, heating) to industrial (metalworking, ceramics), and automotive (clean fuel alternative). Benefits include clean burning, high efficiency, portability, and versatility. Proper ventilation, leak detection, and user education are crucial for safe operation.



• LPG cylinders are connected to the manifold arm

• NRV for cylinder to avoid back flow

• Main line emergency valve to cut off LPG supply to entire complex

• 2nd stage isolating valve to cut off branch line

• LPG supply through heavy duty “C” class ERW pipe

• Gas pressure reduced to 2 kg/cm 2 & 0.5 psi inside the kitchen

• Auto change over valve to ensure regular supply

• Enough stock of LPG to last 10 days fuel consumption 5 days stock in use + 5 days stock as reserve or more

• Gas cylinders & system are handled by authorized technicians

• Pressure release valve in the supply line

• 3rd stage emergency valve inside the kitchen to cut-off the supply in the kitchen

• Individual gas meter to read LPG consumption

• Q.T valve as 4th stage to cut off LPG supply for burner

• ISI mark best quality rubber tube to connect cooking appliances

• Safety clinic and seminar for actual users

• Pressure test and leak test will be witnessed & certified by 3rd party inspection agency (PESO Approved) or chartered engineer

• By pass arrangement to facilitate periodical maintenance

• Special LPG Stainless Steel Pipe or SCH40 Heavy duty MS Pipe will used for underground line for a long life & safety if required

• Fencing of areas to restrict unauthorized entry  CONSUNTANCY INSTALLATION MAINTENANCE LPG REGULATORY PARTS Complete installation will be done as per 2018 edition of IS6044 Part I & II Quarterly LPG consumption report will be provided to society.

Our technical team will be at service on call in case of emergency. For gas bill payment all possible methods are available like Cash/ Cheque/ Neft/ UPI/Barcode/ Online/ Card Payments.