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Our Reticulated Piped Gas System Service

Our Gas Pipeline Company has the following features which we provide to the customer.

  • Isolation valves are installed, at every riser pipeline – which rises to connect individual kitchens in the complex.
  • Two cylinder banks are provided with one working (active) and one standby, when the active bank is empty, the system automatically switches over to the standby cylinder bank (auto change over valves) thus ensuring uninterrupted gas supply to customers kitchen. The empty cylinder bank is replenished immediately.
  • For a large number of connections, Storage system (Bullet) or LOT (Liquid Off-take Tank) design is recommended. The choice is left to the discretion of the customer.
  • The pipelines are developed using the latest piping design and network analysis software to maintain a constantly regulated low-pressure flow in the client’s kitchen or another point of usage.
  • The cylinder manifold, pipes, pipe joints and pigtails are tested to withstand a pressure of 26kg/cm2 (I.S. 6044), so that it can handle direct cylinder pressure of 4 -5 bars (almost 4 – a factor of safety design).
  • The pipe, pigtails, pipe fittings, pressure regulating valves, check valves, non-return valves, relief valves and fittings used by us are according to specified standards and are approved by Oil Company
  • Non-return valves are mounted, at every flexible pigtail and manifold, to block the main pipeline from leakage in case any of the pigtails are damaged or are ruptured.
  • Robust design to eradicate leakage and assure complete safety of clients.
  • The auto changeover cum PRS-1 reduces cylinder pressure from 6 bars to 1 bar. LPG flows a short length via the header to PRS–II. PRS-II is installed, near the building structure, wherein the pressure is further reduced from 1 bar to 110 millibars and this low-pressure liquid-gas enters the riser pipe – the (vertical) feeder pipe, entering the consumer’s kitchen. Thus, in this full length of feeder pipe, the pressure is maintained around 110 millibars.
  • We have designed the respective system as per described norms from Oil ministry ( IS 6044 Part I & Part II)

What We Offer

  • Commercial Projects:- LPG Reticulated Piped Gas System & Piping Installation. Industrial LPG Reticulated Piped Gas System & Piping Installation.
  • LOT /VOT System:- Residential Projects: LPG Reticulated Piped Gas System.
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts for Gas System.
  • Bill Preparation Issuing & Collection.
  • All kind of work in LPG / Helium/ Argon like Manifold & Piping Installation.

Safety Measures

  • LPG Cylinders are connected to the manifold arm.
  • NRV for the cylinder to avoid backflow.
  • Mainline emergency valve to cut off LPG supply to the entire complex.
  • 2nd stage isolating valve to cut off branch line.
  • LPG supply through heavy duty “C” Class ERW pipe.
  • Gas pressure reduced to 2Kg/cm2 & 0.5 psi inside the kitchen.
  • Auto change over valve to ensure regular supply.
  • Enough stock of LPG to last 10 days fuel consumption 5 days stock in use + 5 days stock as the reserve.
  • Gas cylinders & system are handled by an authorized mechanic.
  • Pressure release valve in the supply line.
  • 3rd stage emergency valve inside the kitchen to cut-off the supply in the kitchen.
  • Individual gas meter to read LPG consumption.
  • A Q.T valve as a 4th stage to cut off LPG supply for the burner.
  • ISI mark best quality rubber tube to connect cooking appliances
  • Safety clinic and seminar for actual users
  • Pressure test and leak test will be witnessed & certified by 3rd party Inspection agency or chartered engineer
  • Bypass arrangement to facilitate periodical maintenance
  • Special LPG Stainless Steel Pipe will be used for the underground line for along life & safety if required
  • Fencing of areas to restrict unauthorized entry


  • 24 hours gas supply at your command
  • No cylinder in the kitchen or inside your flat or commercial kitchen
  • Freedom from cylinder transport and possible damage of flooring
  • No holiday for Gas supply
  • No, follow up with LPG distributor
  • No waiting list for new connector refill
  • Gas meter for recording on actual consumption
  • The entire system is as per IS code 6044 Part I (Residential) & Part II ( Commercial Bulk)
  • We maintain the complete system by doing an Annual Maintenance contract with society/ builder/industry/vendor after completion of the warranty period of one year.
  • We do the monthly / Fortnightly (Described) gas refilling, gas billing by handheld electronic billing machines, payment collection and maintaining a record

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